I’d like to invest into coinmama.pw. How can I do that?

You should become the beneficiary of coinmama.pw Inc program to be an investor. Just register at our website and you can open your first deposit. After the registration, you get the beneficiary login and password to enter your account that is used for taking your deposits.

I don’t have any e-payment account. What should I do to invest into coinmama.pw program?

Open a free PM-account at www.perfectmoney.com or a free EgoPay-account at www.egopay.com

How can I open a coinmama.pw account?

It’s quite easy: just click the link, enter your personal data in the registration form and click “Register”.

What currency shall I use to credit my account?

You can use e-money, PerfectMoney, EgoPay and SolidTrustPay to credit your account in coinmama.pw.

How can I withdraw money from my account?

Enter your account with your login and password and click “Withdrawal”.

How quickly will I receive my deposit funds on my account?

The account information updates as soon as possible and your deposit money hits your account immediately so that you can withdraw it.

Can I change my account password and e-mail?

Enter your account and go to “Edit Account”. There you can change your password and e-mail.

What shall I do if I forget my password and can’t enter my account?

Click “Remember your login information” and enter your login or e-mail in the form that you see on the screen. Your password information will be e-mailed to you.

Can I receive the profit on my currency account on the daily basis?

Sorry, you can’t. You profit hits your personal account and you can withdraw it whenever you want.

How can I make a deposit from my account?

Enter your account and click “Make Deposit”, choose a deposit type and your account will be debited to your deposit.

Can I make a deposit from my account after it was opened?

Yes, all the operations are completed in turn.

How quickly does the money hit my account after I apply for the money withdrawal in my account?

We try to process your withdrawal applications as soon as possible. But if some technical problems occur your withdrawal application processing may take up to several hours but not longer than 12 hours after you apply.

Can I lose my money?

There’s always some risk related to investing into high-yielding investment programs. But if you observe some elementary rules you can reduce these risks a lot. First of all, your investment should meet your financial goals. You can join more risky short-term aggressive investment programs or multiply your capital in the longer term. We invest our investors’ funds into large-scale programs that always bring regular high income.

How can I check my account balance?

You have a 24-hour Internet-access to your account.

Can I have several accounts in your project?

No. If we find more than one account for a beneficiary the money on these accounts will be frozen.

Who manages my funds?

Your money is in the custody of coinmama.pw specialists.