About Us

Our Mission

coinmama.pw Company multiplies its investors’ capital. Our goal is to make investments available for everyone, to give a possibility to invest into coinmama.pw providing high yield with the minimum risk.

Our Vision  

One of the advantages of cooperation with coinmama.pw is high deposits profitability, low risks minimized by means of various tools, user-friendly account opening and withdrawal operations.

We use safe and proven account crediting methods for our system. You can make a deposit in your own account as soon as you register at our website. We also guarantee instant money and income withdrawal. You should understand that high-yield investments are always accompanied by capital loss risks but the level of these risks can be absolutely different. We invest into high-yield projects forming the profit for our company and investors. At the same time, we regularly review the investment projects and get rid of those that can bring about great losses or bear a great risk. We always estimate the risk level and the risk-income balance as we’re oriented at long-term perspective and aren’t just interested in today profit: we are aimed at long-term and regular income and payouts for our investors. The more investors we attract the more profitable investment projects we may choose combining all the funds into one large pool and distributing them to everyone’s benefit. Fortunately, our specialists’ good knowledge and many years’ experience allow to achieve great success in our business.